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High School Graduation Year: 2023
Current Level: 10
Training Level: 10
Favorite Gymnastics Moment: Back Handspring Back Layout on Beam
What I'm most proud of: Training 10
What I want to be known for: Success in Life
What I love about school: Math
What I love about P509: The kind and supportive coaches
What I love about my parents: How loving and caring they are
Favorite Song: Francesca Battistelli's The Breakup Song (Fear You Don't Own Me)
Nerdiest thing about me: I find math fun!


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2019 - Level 10 Regional Qualifier

2018 - Level 9 State Floor Champion

2018 - Level 9 Regional Qualifier

2018 - Bronze Medalist Beam, Valley of the Sun Challenge

2017 - Level 9 Regional Qualifier

2016 - Level 8 Regional Qualifier

Double Pike

Floor 1 1/2 front layout


Floor front handspring layout layout