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Adult Flip Sessions

Adult Flip Session Web Graphic (Event On Hold).jpg

Flip Session Rules

  • Participants need to be 18+ (adults only)

  • No parkour on beams, only flipping on and off of them. 

  • No food or drink except water outside of the lobby. 

  • All areas that have cones around them are off limits.

  • No PDA 

  • Everyone using the trampoline or bars needs to weigh under two hundred and fifty pounds 

  • No preschool or weight room access

  • No hanging from rafters

  • Smartphone use at your own risk

  • No bouncing to/from trampolines

  • No double bouncing on trampolines

  • No bar/beam adjustments

  • No jumping over trench

  • Don't hang on carpet bonded foam in trench

  • Safety mats under everything

  • Don't fold mats

  • No stunting

  • Cash only for snacks

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