High School Graduation Year: 2028

Current Level: Grade 3

Training Level: Team 3

Favorite Gymnastics Moment: Accomplishing my cart wheel on high beam!

What I'm most proud of: Being part of a gymnastics Team. 

What I want to be known for: I want to be known as an Olympian gymnast! 

What I love about school: School holiday events because I have so much fun with my friends and teachers.  

What I love about P509: Learning new skills.

What I love about my parents: They are funny, they take me places and they teach me the sports that they love, like snowboarding, mountain biking and surfing for me to join them in their adventures which are super fun.  

Favorite Song: Difficult to answer because I have a lot of favorites but two of them are: Lost Boy and Gangman Style

Nerdiest thing about me: I got all A's in second grade and I like to make custom made clothings for my dolls. 




Phone Number: (719)550-9209   E-Mail:  Address: 7235 E U.S. Hwy 24, Colorado Springs, CO 80915