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Masquerade Mania 2023

HOST CLUB & MEET SITE:  Precizion 509 Gymnastics  •  7235 East US Hwy 24  •  Colorado Springs, CO  •  80915

REGISTRATION:  $80 meet fee per gymnast  •  No team fee
                                Payable to Precizion 509 Gymnastics •  Mail to Precizion 509 Gymnastics
                                All athletes and coaches must be registered through under meet sanction.
                                Sanction closed on December 1, 2022.

MEET DIRECTOR:  Trisha Barfield  •  719 550 9209  •  •


FORMAT:  Modified Traditional - Format #2 (warm-up, compete each event)

JUDGING PANEL:  2 Judge Panels for Gold, Platinum & Diamond
                                   1 Judge Panel for Bronze & Silver

AGE GROUPS:  Each session will be broken down into equal age groups

AWARDS:  Top 40%+ event & Top 40%+ AA per age group per session
                    Team Awards to be determined, based on number of teams entered

 AAI Vault, AAT Elite Bar Set, AAI Club Adjustable Beam, Floor: AAI Stratum Deck
                          AAI TAC/10 Vault Boards & Spieth Board
Masquerade Session 6.png
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