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Every fall we host our annual Show Meet where our recreational gymnasts get the incredible opportunity to show off all they have learned to their families and friends!

What Is A Show Meet?

Each gymnast will learn routines on 5 events: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, and Trampoline, as well as a group dance.

They will be taught the routines in their weekly classes in addition to their regular skills and strength-both of which will be demonstrated in the routines!

At this annual Show Meet the gymnasts will perform their routines for fellow gymnasts, coaches, friends, and family!

***The Session Schedule (specific day and time of each gymnast performing) will be emailed to families two weeks prior to the Show Meet. We highly suggest blocking off that entire weekend in your calendar! Once the rotation schedule is set, sessions are not able to be changed!***

Who Is Invited to register?

The following groups are invited to register for the Show Meet, participation is optional with the exception of the groups specifically notated below:

        • Preschool Gymnastics, ages 3-4.5 & 4.5-5

        • Advanced Preschool Gymnastics

        • Beginner & Advanced Girls Gymnastics, ages 6-8, 9-11, & 12+

        • Hotshots (mandatory participation)

        • DP & Xcel Preteam (mandatory participation)

AROUND THE WORLD Show Meet of 2021

Annual Recreational Show Meet

CANDYLAND Show Meet of 2020

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