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Precizion 509's annual Show Meet is an exciting optional event in which our Recreational and Team Prep gymnasts are invited to participate in our in-house gymnastics meet.


The Greatest Show Meet will be held on October 12th & 13th! We strongly suggest blocking off the entire weekend until the session schedule

Registration begins July 8th through September 14th.

The cost to register for The Greatest Show Meet is $75 per child!

What Is A Show Meet?

Each gymnast will learn routines on 5 events: vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline, as well as a choreographed group dance! Starting the first week of August, gymnasts will be taught these routines during their weekly classes by their coaches in addition to their regular skills and strength training--all of which will be demonstrated in their routines. At The Greatest Show Meet each gymnast will get to individually perform their routines for their fellow gymnasts, coaches, friends, and family.

Annual Recreational Show Meet

Yellow and Orange Illustrative Retro Amazing Magic Circus Instagram Post.jpg

Who Can Register?

P509 Programs INVITED to register are:

  • Beginner Preschool 3-4.5 and 4.5-5

  • Advanced Preschool

  • Beginner Girls Gymnastics ages 6-8, 9-11, 12+

  • Advanced Girls Gymnastics ages 6-8 & 9-11

P509 Programs REQUIRED to register are:

  • Hotshots

  • XCEL PreTeam

  • DP PreTeam

The Greatest Show Meet Custom Leotard

We are also SO excited to announce we will also be offering a P509 The Greatest Show Meet custom leotard by Bold & Grit Active Wear! Pre-ordering for The Greatest Show Leotard begins July 8th through July 29th only. Yes, ONLY THREE WEEKS!

The custom leotard is optional, it is $60 per leo, (plus tax), however it is strongly suggested due to their popularity, team unity, and gym spirit it represents!


A sample of the leotard will be available to see,  a sizing chart for Bold & Grit Active Wear will be

01Precizion Show Leotard 003.jpg

provided along with sizers in our P509 Pro Shop in the back north corner of our gym for each athlete to try on to be able to Pre-Order!

Each child's adult will be responsible for deciding/communicating to the Front Office staff what size fits their child best. P509 Staff may assist and make recommendations on sizing, but the final choice of size will not be made by a P509 employee--the parent/guardian of the child only. 

Sizing assistance and ordering is done in person with a P509 Front Office Staff member only. No online or phone ordering!

Please note that we will be ordering extras of every size for those that do not Pre-Order during this THREE WEEK time frame, HOWEVER, please note that all extra leotards are first come, first serve, and we make NO GUARANTEE that the size you need will be in stock, most extras sell out very quickly! Pre-Ordering is your best bet to 100% guarantee your leotard in the size you want!!

Registration for the P509 The Greatest Show Meet is non refundable.


Please block off the whole weekend, session schedules will be sent out via email two weeks prior to The Greatest Show Meet weekend. Active enrollment through the entire month of October 2024 is required to participate.***

Other details of The Greatest Show Meet that are important to know! 

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