Their values for the business are the same at home and in life and named the gym after one of many Bible verses they model their lives after: 2 Corinthians 5:9 states "So if we stay here on earth or go home to Him, we always want to please Him.’  It is simple yet foundational to our purpose in this world!


Trisha & Luke Barfield

Trisha began gymnastics as a young girl and worked her way up to USAG Level 9 but her love for the sport didn’t end there. After marrying Luke in April of 2003, she joined him in Boston and coached high-level teams in New Hampshire.  Luke, an Air Force officer, then transferred to Los Angeles, where they had their two daughters, Sydney and Alexi. By 2009, their time in the Air Force was nearing an end and the opportunity came up to manage the Aerials East gym. Three years later they purchased the business and continue to forge their passion for gymnastics and influencing children into Precizion 509. 

Director of Gymnastics

Trisha has been coaching gymnastics since 1999. Trisha’s personal gymnastics journey is the reason she became a coach. She learned so much about herself as a competitive athlete and the positive role coaches can make on an athlete’s life. She learned how hard work, dedication and commitment can propel anyone toward his/her goals. She was a competitive level 9 gymnast from Colorado Aerials and competed at Level 9 Westerns many years ago!

About Trisha

Trisha Barfield

Leadership Team Members

Katie C.

Front Office Director

Rachel B.

Rec. Gymnastics Director

Sam A.

JO Director

Jackie S.

XCEL Director

Phone Number: (719)550-9209   E-Mail:  Address: 7235 E U.S. Hwy 24, Colorado Springs, CO 80915