Currently Enrolled Athletes at P509

Please speak with your current coach

Prospective Team Athletes - Process

  1. Contact our front office and schedule an evaluation. 

    • Please have the following information available

      • Gymnast Name (first and last)

      • DOB and age

      • Former club(s)

      • Most recently competed level

      • Number of hours trained per week

      • Reason for leaving their last gym

      • USAG Athlete Number

  2. Bring your athlete in for a private (coach-athlete) evaluation

    • Fee for evaluation is $40, to be taken care of prior to evaluation. 

    • Following the evaluation, coaches will discuss the proper fit for your athlete. 

    • If your athlete is not prepared for one of our teams, we will provide you with alternate options. 

    • If we decide to move forward with your athlete, we will discuss the proper team group to have your athlete do a trial in. 

  3.  If we choose to move forward, schedule Trial. 

    • Trial will take place in a team practice setting. 

    • Following practice, one of the following three scenarios will play out:

      • We will determine your athlete is a good fit and will enroll them onto the team. 

      • We will determine an additional trial is needed. 

      • We will determine your athlete is better suited for another gym or our rec program.

  4. If your child is currently a Level 9 or Level 10 athlete, please email Sam Acosta at directly.