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Are you currently enrolled in our recreational gymnastics program and

interested in being evaluated for our competitive team program? 

The first step is talk to your child's current coach! Our Rec Coaches are all

trained and versed in our competitive team program's skill expectations and

can guide you as to where your athlete stands and what the next steps are!

Are you a competitive gymnast moving to Colorado Springs or looking for

another gym home?

Here is our process to be evaluated!

  1. Contact our front office and schedule an evaluation. 

    • Please have the following information available

      • Gymnast Name (first and last)

      • DOB and age

      • Former club(s)

      • Most recently competed level

      • Number of hours trained per week

      • Reason for leaving their last gym

      • USAG Athlete Number

  2. Bring your athlete in for a private (coach-athlete) evaluation

    • Fee for evaluation is $40, to be paid prior to evaluation. 

    • Following the evaluation, coaches will discuss the proper fit for your athlete. 

    • If your athlete is not prepared for one of our teams, we will provide you with alternate options. 

    • If we decide to move forward with your athlete, we will discuss the proper team group to have your athlete do a trial in. 

  3.  If we choose to move forward, schedule Trial. 

    • Trial will take place in a team practice setting. 

    • Following practice, one of the following three scenarios will play out:

      • We will determine your athlete is a good fit and will enroll them onto the team. 

      • We will determine an additional trial is needed. 

      • We will determine your athlete is better suited for another gym or our rec program.

  4. If your child is currently a Level 9 or Level 10 athlete, please email Trisha Barfield at directly.

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Team Inquiries to Join DP or XCEL

Prospective Team Athletes-Process

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