Current Level: 8

Training Level:8

Favorite Gymnastics Moment: Going to Regionals!

What I'm most proud of: That I've stuck with gymnastics for 7 years even though it's been really hard sometimes. 

What I want to be known for: 

What I love about school: That I'm a year ahead!

What I love about P509: I love the coaches and how much they care:). 

What I love about my parents: That they support me so much, even when I have 97 practices a week. 

Favorite Song: I like it by Cardi B

Nerdiest thing about me: That I skipped a grade. 


Phone Number: (719)550-9209   E-Mail: precizion509@gmail.com  Address: 7235 E U.S. Hwy 24, Colorado Springs, CO 80915