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Our Philosophy

Our Values

Live Healthy, Live Passionately, Live Responsibly

Precizion 509 believes that living healthy involves physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual pursuits that create a well-rounded person.  P509 trains our students with all of this in mind.  The discipline required to spend an hour in a gymnastics class is the same discipline used to spend time reading, caring for others, doing homework, and going to bed on time!   


What drives you? 

What makes you feel the greatest sense of purpose? 

It is our responsibility to pursue worthy passions in life, which helps us become better versions of ourselves.  Complacency is the enemy. 

We coach with passion for the sport and children.

We value the opportunity to play a role in shaping your athlete’s view of gymnastics and the world. 

Living Responsibly means taking ownership of our actions, decisions, and direction.  If we go through life blaming everyone else on our short-comings, we'll never realize our own potential, as we drive away countless opportunities.  As employees, parents, children...we ALL should learn that responsibility means living our lives with a wholesome purpose in order to fulfill our passions in a healthy way.


Facing Our Challenges

Adversity is immune to no one.
We strongly believe in facing challenges head on, not only along side your child while they continuously work to accomplish their goals, but also as a solid team of committed staff members at P509. 
We are committed to constantly being present with your child in those challenges, not only encouraging them every step of the way but always bettering ourselves to know how to keep the progression going!

Living Fit

We are committed to leading by example.
All of our coaching staff here at P509 are challenged to improve their coaching knowledge by continuing education for themselves in or outside the gym.  Our coaches also work to provide additional classes, clinics, camps for kids to continue in not only their gymnastics journey but also their knowledge in health and wellness. 

Serving Our Community

We are committed to being actively involved in our Colorado Springs community.
Whether it's attending a school health/field day, a public kids event downtown, or fundraising with local school PTO's, we believe that great things can be accomplished when we put all our minds and ideas together! 

We believe our gymnasts are defined by more than what they do; they are the culmination of a lifetime's experiences shaped by leaders, mentors, teachers, and influencers. We embrace a holistic approach and cultivate

strong student-athletes using technical training, mentorship, and character development.

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