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Schedule your Risk Free Trial Class!

As a new customer to our facility you are welcome to attend a risk free Trial class at Precizion 509 Gymnastics. 
If you decide the class is not for you, for any reason, there is no enrollment or financial obligation. 

Click here to create an account through our Parent Portal and request your Trial class or give us a call and we'll do all the work for you!

Precizion 509 Gymnastics: 719-550-9209

Enrollment and Registration Fees

Once you've completed your Trial and know we are the gym for you, we need to confirm your enrollment! At the conclusion of the Trial class make sure to check out with us to complete this step. At the time of enrollment there is a one time $35 registration fee for the first child, and a $15 registration fee for each additional sibling you choose to enroll. 

These registration fees are a one time fee, so if you were to ever take a break and want to rejoin, you will not pay the registration fee again!

Registration fees are due at the time of enrollment. No exceptions.

Registration fees may be waived with your military and first responder affiliation! ID required.


Monthly Tuition

All of our classes run on a month to month basis, no multi-month sessions!

  • Parent & Tot (ages 1-3 only) 
    One 45 minute class, once a week: $68 per month
    -$15 discount for each additional class for the same child
    -$5 monthly sibling discount


  • Recreational Gymnastics (ages 3-17; Preschool, Urban Gym, & Tumble)
    One 60 minute classes, $85 per month
    -$15 discount for each additional class for the same child
    -$5 discount if one more more siblings are enrolled


  • Advanced Gymnastics (ages 3-17; Preschool & Girls Gymnastics)
    Upon Coach recommendation and Trial, our Advanced Preschool and Advanced Girls Gymnastic classes are required to be attended twice a week.
    -2 hours a week, $155 per month
    -$5 discount if one more more siblings are enrolled


  • Hotshots
    Upon Coach recommendation/evaluation and approval, our Hotshots practice twice a week.
    -3 hours a week, $165 per month.

Trial Classes & Recreational Class Pricing

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