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I'm a born Wisconsinite, turned Washingtonian, turned Coloradan! Through my travels and adventures I remain a cheese and Green Bay Packers lover.

My passion for gymnastics sparked at a young age and has never faded. Growing up as a competitive gymnast molded me into who I am today and led me to coaching.

Gymnastics has instilled hard work, dedication, and patience in me; all of which I am passionate about in my coaching. I have been coaching gymnastics for eight years. What I thought was merely a job to get me through college became a career.

I am grateful for my Bachelors degree in Communications and the knowledge it has given me, but I cannot pull myself away from gymnastics!

When I'm not in the gym, you can find me hiking in the mountains or flowing on my yoga mat. I am so excited to be here at Precizion 509! 

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