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Precizion 509 Gymnastics’ Athlete Safety and Reporting Protocols

Here at P509, we directly follow the guidelines and protocols that Safe Sport recommends for gymnastics clubs in America.  Safe Sport is an independent organization that closely monitors and educates USA Gymnastics to ensure the safety of all athletes in independent clubs across America. 

Our coaches are educated about so many topics to keep children safe from neglect, child abuse, emotional abuse and so much more.  Here are just some of the topics that we are educated on:

  • Bullying

  • Hazing

  • Sexual Child Abuse

  • Physical Child Abuse

  • Emotional Child Abuse

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Grooming Behaviors

  • Criminal activities involving a minor

There are many practices and protocols that we have had in place since 2012, when Luke and Trisha took over ownership.  Some of these practices are:

  • No child is ever alone with an adult – we have a 2-adult rule in the gym or at other gym events.

  • Coaches are never allowed to drive a child (in his/her car) without parent permission – and with other children.    

  • Coaches never travel alone with a child.

  • Coaches never stay in the same hotel room with a child.

  • Coaches are not allowed to give a gift to a child unless there is the same gift for each member of the team. 

  • For all parties or special events outside the gym, the coaches must invite all athletes of the training group (or specific level) to the event.

  • We report any concerning observances (of possible child abuse) to local law enforcement. 

  • We limit all social media or text/phone call contacts.  No coach should be interacting with a child on social media or text/phone call without cc’ing the parent on all contact. 

  • We act as mandatory reporters.

  • We do not believe in overly negative punishment.  We do not use extreme forms of excessive conditioning as punishment.  We believe in being tough and using positive re-enforcement as often as possible!

  • We do not hire any coach who is on the USA Gymnastics Banned List of Coaches. 

    • We check this list before we hire any staff member!

  • We run background checks on all employees before he/she is hired.  We do not hire staff with any child abuse or criminal history.  We also do not hire any coaches with a felony record. 

We look to Safe Sport to guide us.  They are very thorough in their training and we greatly appreciate the lead they take in helping all gymnastics clubs, owners and coaches to keep children safe.

Here is the link to their website:

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